BetterBridgeG app for iPhone and iPad

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Games Education Card
Developer: David Bakhshi
4.99 USD
Current version: 5.21, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 10 Aug 2010
App size: 1.54 Mb

BetterBridgeG is the second in a series of a training programs for the bridge player who has mastered the basics of the game and wants to improve his playing skills both as a declarer and defender. The programs are based on the face to face teaching sessions of David Bakhshi, one of Britain’s leading international bridge players and teachers.

You are presented with carefully constructed but realistic hands. They appear just as you might see them during your next match. The bidding sequence leading to the target contract is presented in either a five card major/strong no-trump or four card major/weak no-trump system but the focus is on card play.

Each exercise is divided into three phases:

a quick review of the bidding
the opportunity to play the hand
a walk through the potential pitfalls and the best line of play with commentary.

Ten declarer play and six defence hands are offered by BetterBridgeG. The exercises presented here cover the lower end of more ‘gentle’ and ‘medium’ difficulty levels.

As a more varied alternative, the BetterBridge1 edition, spans 16 exercises from ‘gentle’ to ‘challenge’. The BetterBridgeM edition spans 16 exercises from ‘medium’ to ‘challenge’. BetterBridgeD focuses entirely on defence problems. provides three sample hands in the ‘gentle’ and ‘medium’ categories, for free!